About Us


One of the first things we teach children is to share, we have to do the same. We are passionate about using science and technology innovations to solve global issues for everyone.

Our Vision


We believe that it is the duty of mankind to act now to create a fairer and safer world; we see science as the key to this future. There is already a wealth of market-ready disruptive technologies and World Science Aid exists to accelerate its use.


Through global media coverage, collaborations and the calibre of our partners, we will raise funds to combat global issues using market-ready science to apply in the real world. We believe that for science to be revolutionary, it needs to be accessible to everyone.


Our Projects


We believe that to enact real change through the combination of charity and science, it is important to have clearly defined focus areas to tackle. We examined the technologies available across the world, and then defined each of them into nine key areas.


Our approach to our work across all focus areas is underwritten by our core values of cooperation, innovation, accountability, sustainability, equality and, most importantly, results.


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Find out more about us. Read about our vision, objectives, values and challenges in our Vision & Objectives Document.


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Meet the Chairman and Trustees of World Science Aid. Find out more about their track records and achievements.



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Help to combat global issues through science. Your contribution will  help those most in need and democratise revolutionary technology.



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